Two and three wheelers

Meet your challenges today and tomorrow with the SKF Power of Knowledge Engineering.

SKF has more than 60 years of two and three wheelers industry experience both on and off the track. In this highly competitive industry, the profound engineering expertise and the global resources of SKF have been used to develop solutions to meet the ever increasing demands from the leading two wheelers manufacturers across the globe.

SKF expertise in bearings and units, sealing technology, lubrication, mechatronics and dynamic modeling software gives our engineers the ability to offer a range of practical profitable application solutions. We call it the Power of Knowledge Engineering and it is helping leading manufacturers and tier one suppliers worldwide to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Boost fuel economy
  • Improve safety and ergonomics
  • Simplify assembly
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce component weight

These are some of the reasons why SKF has been partnering with the industry's top racing teams, bringing our rotating machinery expertise and two wheeler experience to bear on their toughest technical challenges. Through our close working relationships and technical sponsorships, SKF engineers have been able to work with several manufacturers to develop component innovations, refine existing designs and generate continuous performance improvements.

The technical support from SKF has contributed to the success of many teams, helping them earn more than fifty world championships in all competitions. Our effort has supported them to reach the podium. We work with two wheeler manufacturers to develop new levels of vehicle performance and endurance, enabling them to improve the vehicles they bring to market.

We also offer technical assistance to the most important two wheelers brands like Ducati Corse and Betamotor

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